Our Story

Highest Quality. Strictest Kashrut.

Menachems, a family owned business, was founded 25 years ago to supply high quality kosher, Chalak Bet Yosef meat to the wider community, which was not available at the time. Our uncompromising commitment to kashrut, quality and hygiene attracted customers across the North West community and beyond.

To this day, we have successfully established our wide customer base who are continuously pleased by the outstanding service and standards we provide.

Our Values

Customer Service

Although our business has grown, it still remains a family business where care and dedication run through every part of our business. Your satisfaction is our goal.


Our deli and butcher are under strict supervision of Chalak bet Yosef so your kashrut is guaranteed.

Food Safety

We ensure our products are processed in a 100% clean environment and continuously educate all staff members on the current food safety laws.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet significant. We’re here to serve the community exceptional quality meats and cooked food with the highest standards of kashrut.